Monday, January 24, 2005

The Benefits Of Musical Doodling

I made the mistake of posting a message about New Age piano playing on a "serious" music board once. Boy did I get flamed! Right away, there were responses about how New Age music is pablum, not to be taken seriously. One person called it "doodling."

I then thought about what offended these people so much. Then the answer came to me - they may be afraid that if they let their defenses down and just played the piano for pleasure, they might find they enjoy it. They may even admit, god forbid, that they really like "doodling" on the piano.

I admit that I enjoy musical doodling. Just messing around not being concerned about what's coming out. Not worrying if I am creating something "worthy" of hearing. The benefit is that I experience a brief respite from the outside world. For a few moments, I can be at peace.

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