Sunday, February 27, 2005

Piano Lessons Can be Fun!

When most people think of piano lessons, they think drudgery. Beethoven, Czerny, scales, etc. What most people want, however, is to be able to express themselves creatively.

It's a fact that if you decide to learn how to play in the classical style, you can pretty much forget about creating music. Instead, you'll be recreating works that were inspired centuries ago and bringing them to life.

This is fine for most people and the curriculum usually stops here for them. For those who aren't satisfied with this routine, there is very little in the way of creative music instruction - except for jazz. In jazz, you learn theory, harmony, etc. But even here, it is suggested that you really not attempt anyting creative until you get enough technique under your belt.

Then there is New Age music - my favorite genre. Why? Becasue it is heartfelt yet not sanguine. It is honest, yet not sappy. In short, here is a music that is contemporary and likable AND EASY TO LEARN!

Piano lessons don't have to be the dull, lifeless exercise we know they can be. They can actually be FUN! Click here for a FREE New Age piano lesson!

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