Monday, May 09, 2005

Haiku and Music

Artwork by James Tan

Returning home
and yet more things
are familiar

by Edward Weiss

Can you tell that I really like Japanese art and poetry? Being a Westerner, you'd think this aesthetic would be foreign to me, yet it isn't. It seems very close to how I think and feel about things. Simple, yet elegant, isn't what most in the U.S. think of when referring to art but I have to give it up to Asian culture - they have something very special going on!

Here's some music to go along with the above picture and Haiku. It's called "Egrets." (Mp3 file - 1.18 MB)

1 comment:

  1. Edward...
    I love this concept, a music-haiku-haiga, as it were.
    I'd love to hear more of this song....I hear, following the recorded "egrets" a full orchestra moving this delicate melody into full score.
    Bravo. Thank you!

    For more Japanese inspired haiga, see: