Monday, July 11, 2005

Having a Method to Work With

I've always admired the method visual artists use to create with. They know what they're doing. And they understand how to go about finishing a painting. I wondered why music instruction couldn't be more like that.

Some of you may remember Bob Ross, the PBS painter with the big afro and serene smile. Now here was a guy who bypassed art school entirely - yet was able to create complete paintings in less than 30 minutes. Astonishing! And he could teach his method to others. I found this very inspiring.

My "method" is somewhat similar. Instead of giving you a palette of colors, I give you chords. Instead of creating a mountain landscape, you create aural landscapes. How? By understanding how to use your materials!

For example, in Lesson 5: "Winter Scene," you use the ostinato technique along with a few chords to improvise with. You see, once you have your materials and know how to use them, it makes creating very easy. You now can focus on capturing a mood and can actually play what you feel!

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