Friday, August 19, 2005

The Benefits of Improvisation Exercises

Many of my piano lessons are really improvisaton exercises. I want students to stop thinking and start playing. Once they can do this, they begin to feel the joy of improvisation and then nothing can stop them.

But they must feel this joy first before any real progress is made. Why? Because joy is the impetus for continuing on with creative work.

Children know this intuitively. Adults forget this and spend hours torturing themselves trying to "create" something worthy for others to admire.

Which would you rather have, an amazing day full of joy and creative expression, or a piece of music with your name on it for others to admire?

P.S. It is possible to have both. Enjoy the process and the product that comes out of you will be 100 times better than any contrived piece of music you thought up.

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