Monday, November 21, 2005

I Don't Know Where to Begin

Many students of improvisation have problems knowing how to begin. There are so many choices available as to key, chords, melody, etc. that it stops many in their tracks before they even get started.

The solution to this problem is to limit choice. For example, in the lesson "Oriental Sunrise," we have two chords to play with along with the notes from the pentatonic minor scale. This lesson is a perfect example of limiting choice. You see, once you know what chords you will be playing, you can now focus on making music. You no longer have to worry about what to play but can now relax and enjoy the process of improvisation.

Eventually, you learn how to create your own set of limitations. But it's a good idea to see how others do it so you can first emulate the example then come up with your own.

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