Friday, March 24, 2006

George Winston - "What I do Isn't New Age"

I recently read an article on New Age pianist George Winston. It's a local piece that news rags publish when artists come to town.

Anyway in it George says: “I don’t know how one’s image gets created and I’m not really that concerned about it,” Winston said. “But anyone who would characterize what I’m playing as New Age hasn’t been listening very closely."

I just don't get it. He doesn't even know that he practically invented a whole new genre and could take credit for it, promote it, and give it a much better rep than it has at present. But it's not to be. Of course he has the right to call his music anything he wants (he calls it "Rural Folk Piano") but isn't this the same thing as Picasso saying he's not a Cubist?

Read the full article on George Winston by clicking here.

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