Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why Most Online Piano Lessons Websites Suck

Recently, I did a Google search for the term "piano lessons." After hitting the return key, it came up with millions of search results. Of course, I'm only going to wade through the first 20 or so. And so I did.

The one site I came upon more often than others (because of the Google ads) was something called Rocket Piano. It's a site that promises to teach you piano. What's not clear is just exactly what style it teaches. But it does promise to teach you piano.

On the site is a black and white picture of the creator (supposedly) named Ashleigh Southam. Now, I'm not saying this product is good or bad. It would be nice to see a sample lesson or a screenshot of what is being offered although to be fair, he does offer free sample lessons.

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