Friday, January 26, 2007

Play Piano By Ear In Less Than 1-Hour!

So, you want to learn how to play piano by ear. You think this skill is reserved for those with "special" talent. You're wrong about that! What does it mean to play by ear?

Simply that the musician understands the fundamentals of diatonic harmony. To understand this, you just need to know a little about chords.

For example, in the Key of C Major we have 7 chords. These are: C Maj. D min. E min. F Maj. G Maj. A min. and B half-diminished. Notice that these chords are lined up in order and that they are triads. Most harmonic theory in the western world gives a number to these chords using roman numerals.

Simply put, we can call the C Major chord 1, the D minor chord 2, and so on. You see how it works.

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