Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Piano Chords For New Age Piano

If you like the beautiful sound of New Age piano you're going to love this.

Listen… most of you know what triads are. These 3 note chords have been the essential building blocks of western music for at least 4 centuries.

One thing about them though…. They're outdated!

Of course they're still used. But there's absolutely no need to start with them. Instead, why not begin your study of piano chords with something called the "open position" chord.

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  1. I agree that triad are really outdated chord. Now in music scene, most chord consist more than 3 notes. What's your favourite open chord position?

  2. If you're talking about chord configuration I would have to say:

    LH = 1-5-7 RH = 3-7-3

    Where for a C Major 7 chord:

    LH = c-g-b and RH = e-b-e