Monday, January 14, 2008

Tips For Taking An Online Course

Taking courses online can be a little like taking courses in a foreign country. Most of us are still learning the norms and expectations of the online environment. Even though the technology is wonderful and exciting, we would never say that this environment is the right learning environment for every student.

It works well for some students most of the time. It provides exciting opportunities for people who are constrained by time, place or other factors.

To see if online classes are right for you, answer these questions:

1) Do you like to work independently?
2) Are you persistent?
3) Do you need convenience and an adjustable schedule?
4) Are you comfortable asking for clarification and continuing to ask when you need more information?
5) Are you comfortable working at a computer?
6) Are you comfortable working primarily with a text-based medium?
7) Would you be comfortable emailing your instructor if you had problems with anything in the course?

If you answered "yes" to most of those questions, then you should do well in the online learning environment.

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