Tuesday, April 01, 2008

David Lanz Endorses Quiescence Music!

I've been a big fan of David Lanz's music for quite a while. Actually,
I think the first CD I heard of his is titled "Nightfall" and I really enjoyed it.

I listened to it until the cassette tape (yeah... cassette tape) was literally worn out.

So imagine my surprise when I got this endorsement from David:

"Your approach to learning this style of piano is easy to grasp and very well thought out, and I would recommend it to anyone getting started on improvisation, especially in the New Age style!"

Well, I was happy to say the least. I'm also glad artist's like David Lanz are still around and still playing. I consider it part of my mission to keep the New Age piano style alive.

Learn more about David Lanz at his website: http://www.davidlanz.com/

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