Thursday, October 30, 2008

How a "Difficult" Piano Student Showed Me How to Teach Piano

I'll never forget the time I was giving lessons to this one student. Talk about difficult. She just couldn't get it.

And the "it" I'm talking about is not reading music or playing Beethoven or Bach. I'm talking about improvisation.

No matter what I showed her she just froze up.

I then realized something. This student really wasn't having problems getting the technical aspects down, i.e., chords. The problem was she didn't think she could do it! It was all attitude.

I then had a lightbulb moment. If the basic problem with most adult students is not technique but attitude, then I had to come up with a different approach to reach them. And that approach turned out to be mentoring.

Listen, what people really need is to believe in themselves. If this aspect is missing, no amount of technique or theory will help. In order for me to be helpful, I had to act as a therapist so to speak... gently guiding students to believe in themselves! Click here to read more!

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