Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Get New Age Piano Gigs!

The following is from a report I wrote a while back describing what I do to get booked for solo piano concerts. Think you can't share your art with the world AND get paid for it? Think again...

So you have assembled a stunning repertoire of your own original new age piano music. And now you want to play for others and get paid for it. Of course you do! You may be wondering if there is a market for this kind of music. In a word - yes. And I'll show you how to market your self and your music to this market.

I'll take you step by step through the process I use to get paying gigs and share with you the materials I send out to libraries and other venues. My last concert earned me $350 for a 40-minute set of music. Plus, I got to share my own music with a very receptive and appreciative audience. Not too shabby!

This was at a library and since I'm assuming you don't live in Antarctica, I'm sure there are libraries near you too. Note: I mention libraries because they are a very viable source for booking new age piano gigs, BUT, these techniques will work ANYPLACE THERE IS A PIANO! Let's begin.

Step One - Get together enough music for a 1-hour concert.

This is pretty much standard and will be required of you before you begin to market yourself to your neighborhood libraries. This should come out to 8 to 12 pieces of music.

Step Two - Practice your songs until you can play all of them together non-stop!

This is a lot harder than you think and requires resiliency. It's like an athlete preparing for an arduous task ahead and if you think...

The rest of this report, including the materials I actually send out to venues is available to course members now for just $1 dollar! More info...

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