Thursday, October 02, 2008

How To Handle Creative Frustration

Forcing never works. Period. If you try to make something happen, you are guaranteed to be frustrated.

This is the root of all creative blocks. My answer - walk away and come back later.

It is my belief that trying hard is counterproductive to the creative process. Believe it or not, music should come easily. If it doesn't something is wrong and do you know what that something is?

It's your ego telling you that you have to make something happen.

Art only happens when you're not trying. When you're in flow. When everything comes together of its own accord.

I haven't felt like playing piano for a while now - a few weeks. So what!

When I sit down to play, it feels horrible so what do I do? I don't try to come up with something, I understand that there is a time for everything and those who tell you that you should sit down every day and practice and play till your fingers hurt are sadistic and really don't know too much about the creative process.

Michelle Cassou, author of Paint, Power and Passion says that there are no creative blocks. That the problem is that we are trying to control the creative force. And of course, this cannot be controlled. So my answer on how to handle creative frustration or blocks - walk away and come back later.


  1. Anonymous5:23 PM

    One thing that helps me with creative frustration is to do something different creatively. Instead of playing piano I may decide to bake or draw. Helps me stay in the moment and not fret about not making music.

  2. That's excellent advice!!

  3. Frustration is good - hug your frustration by channeling it in a positive, loving direction for a good purpose. Most things are more difficult than we think they should be - this expectation leads to frustration. When understanding or results don't come easily, we never think, "Oh well, this is the way learning is supposed to be." Accepting frustration is how we learn if we don't give up too soon.

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