Monday, October 06, 2008

Play Piano Instantly - Even If You Don't Know Where Middle C Is!

So, you've been dying to play the piano. But you don't want to spend years learning how to read music. Of course you don't! And you won't have to IF you learn a chord-based approach to playing the piano.

Here's a method I use to get my students playing piano in a flash. First, you need to learn a few chords. But not just any chord type. No. The chord type I have my students learn first is something called the open position chord. And with it, you'll be able to create your own unique music right away!

The open position chord is exactly what its name implies. It's a chord structure that covers more than 2 octaves of the keyboard AND uses both hands right away. If you don't know what an octave is, not to worry. Suffice it to say that 2 octaves are over 16 white keys. It's a handful to play this chord structure but once you master it, you'll be well on your way to unlocking the secrets of keyboard harmony.

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