Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cool New Age Piano Technique: "Right Hand Crossover"

What can you do on the piano? A lot! In fact, there are so many ways to hit notes it can get crazy.

One technique that's used by many New Age piano players is the right-hand crossover. Here the right hand reaches over the left to hit bass notes or chords. This adds a very rich and full sound to your playing.

Take Lesson #7: Caverns for example - (listen to it now - Mp3 file.) Here we have an opportunity to practice this technique. The left hand plays a simple ostinato pattern near the middle of the keyboard while the right plays bass and melody notes.

The beautiful thing about this technique is that it actually sounds like more than one piano! The left hand fills up the middle range while the right comes in with melody notes further up the keyboard. And then, when the player feels like it, bass notes are added in.

To master this technique, it's a good idea to begin with something very simple in the left hand. That’s why in "Caverns," I have students play a very simple ostinato pattern. Once this is "down" it's quite easy to improvise melody and add in those booming bass notes. Another great thing about this technique is that it really allows you to get into improvisation.

It literally forces you to be in the moment. When you have so much going on with both hands the thinking mind can't catch up and this is perfect because you can now focus on expressing what you feel instead of thinking about whether what's coming out of you is good enough.

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