Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Forest Guitar Disappointing

Usually, I get excited when I see a CD cover as good as this one. I think it's going to be some beautiful acoustic guitar music with nature sounds. Something I could probably listen to - literally forever.

But here's the strange thing. This CD contains guitar yes, but it's not soothing or tranquil. First of all, it's played on a steel string. I have nothing against the steel string guitar. But for a CD like this, I would have preferred nylon string.

It has a much gentler, sweeter tone and is used by classical guitarists. Plus, the music here really isn't my forte either. Guess I thought it would be as good as my beloved "Forest Piano" by John Herberman. It's not.

You can listen to tracks from this CD here

What do you think? It's got other instrumentation besides guitar too which isn't too smart me thinks.

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