Thursday, January 15, 2009

Piano Lessons for the Creatively Challenged

Are you a creative klutz? Does the thought of playing piano not only frighten but also intimidate you?

If so, there's a solution. It's called the open position piano chord and with it, you'll be able to create your own music within 1-hour guaranteed! Here's how...

Chords are used to make music at the piano. The same way a guitar player can pick up the guitar, strum a few chords and make music, so too can the pianist.

The problem is, note reading is what has been usually taught while creativity with chords is relegated to background status. The open position piano chord is a unique chord structure that utilizes both hands right away to create a modem sounding chord that is used in today's contemporary music.

You don't need years of theory in order to play it and you don't need to understand harmony. All you need to do is practice this chord at the piano and within minutes, you'll be able to improvise your own unique music.

For example, in the lesson "Summer Morning," you have 4 chords from the Key of C Major to work with. And four chords are more than enough to begin creating your own music.

We finger the first chord, C Major 7 and notice that our hands are used to their maximum capacity. That is, this chord structure really stretches your hands allowing you to cover more than 2 octaves (16 keys). It really is quite amazing! It will take a little while to get used to, but once the chord position is mastered, a whole new world of sound awaits you.
Many piano courses begin students with triads. There is nothing wrong with triads. They've been used for centuries. The problem is that the sound is not something most students equate with "modern" sounding styles, i.e. New Age, Jazz. The open position piano chord allows you to create a modern sound right away and is perfect for the creatively challenged beginning piano student!

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Visit now and get a FREE piano lesson

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