Monday, February 16, 2009

Recommended Video: The Music of Yosemite by Rick Erlien

Rick Erlien may be the most underrated New Age pianist out there. Recording for the "Real Music" label, the CD "Music of Yosemite" is amazing and deserves a much wider audience.

Rick posted a video at YouTube that gives very interesting glimpses of him playing in concert as well as reviews and coverage he's recieved from news stations. Here's a description Rick posted at YouTube ...


The concert is a multi-media show combining the original music I wrote forYosemite with a full length film which was shot exclusively to :TheMusic of Yosemite" for PBS television.

As one listens to the solo pianoperformance in concert and views the stunning visuals of the film during the performance, the music and images are a celebration of Yosemite and it'sbeauty.

The video shows me performing "The Music of Yosemite" live in concert so youcan get a feeling for the show. It also shows interviews and televisionfootage to further tell my story as a musician and composer and myintentions for composing my album and connecting people to nature. For more info visit

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