Monday, March 02, 2009

New Age Piano Music Meets The Internet

If you’re at all into the New Age Music scene, then the names George Winston and David Lanz are already well known. But now there’s a new name on the horizon – Edward Weiss.

Hailing from beautiful San Diego in sunny California, this teacher, composer and published author does the seemingly impossible: Teaching anyone (and Edward stresses “anyone”) how to play and compose their very own New Age Style Music on the piano – even if they’ve never touched a musical keyboard in their life.

And what’s more, he does it all from his website

What’s his secret? Here’s what Edward himself has to say: “In my 20 years of musical training and instructing, I’ve found a lot of people are actually yearning to play an instrument – especially the piano. Creating music has always been their hidden desire.

They just never had a chance to express it. “My web course changes all that. Not only can anyone learn how to play the piano online, they’ll soon be able to compose their own musical scores as well. Since my expertise is in the small but growing following of New Age Music, that’s what my site teaches.” How difficult is it to start playing your very own New Age Music?

“Not really difficult at all,” says Edward. “All you need is the desire, the patience – and of course the keyboard. My step by step online video instructions provide the rest. “You’ll learn at your own pace, going over each streaming video lesson as many times as you need. It’s basically “Look, Listen and Learn.”

Now, you may not be ready for the concert hall or signing a recording contract after taking this course, but you will learn the basics of playing and composing your very own music. And isn’t that what this New Age is all about… finding innovative and fresh ways in expressing your own individuality? What better way in doing just that than in creating mystical, spirit inspiredmusic – the timeless voice of nature itself.

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