Tuesday, September 01, 2009

New Age Piano and Speed Reading?

Einaudi is HUGE in Europe. Yet you may not have heard of him. His music reminds me a little of Geroge Winston in his use of left hand ostinato patterns and simple right hand melody.

But what I'd like to share with you now is something really cool! And it will help you tremendously when it comes to dissecting a piece to see how it's composed.

Remember speed reading? The key to speed reading is to read "for something." For example, if it's a non-fiction book, I'd scan the pages looking for relevant information. Information that I need to get answers.

That's reading "for" something. Now ... when you listen to music like this, you can do the same thing only you are listening for something. And what is that something? It's how the composer creates and uses sections. How often he repeats them and when.

You can go further if you want. Take a pen and paper and first write - "A section." Then write out the number of bars for that section. What about a "b" section? Yes! Write out how many bars he uses for that.

Tranistions? Introductions? Key? All of these things can be "listened" for and just like speed reading, if you are looking for something before you actually read it, you can be way ahead of the game!

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