Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Piano Playing - Is Technique the Holy Grail?

Here's an interesting discussion that was started recently on the Piano World forums.

Someone posed this question as a straw horse - a question that he already had an answer for. If you've been reading my articles and blog posts for some time, you already know where I stand on this topic ...
Technique is required to some degree but the main goal is communication.
Of course, the person who posted this is speaking about classical music, but in my mind, music is music is music. What matters most is if 'feeling' came through. Was it being communicated?

You can read this ongoing thread here.

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  1. David Morgan (UK)3:05 PM

    Hi again Edward and thanks for email - went up to the forum and read from beginning to end.

    You know that I have only just begun with Quiescence Music a few weeks ago, so the discussion is perhaps not really for the likes of myself.

    However as I start along the road of learning to play our newly purchased Casio PX-120 maybe I will get to appreciate the comments much more.

    Nevertheless, if somewhere along the road I suddenly "discover" a group of sounds that I can produce from studying with you I will be so pleased.

    At the end of the day as a "simple man" I feel that should one other person who heard those sounds found them pleasant to listen to, then for me my "technique" will be sufficient.

    For the listener?? Well perhaps they really won't care at all HOW I got there, so long as they liked what they heard.

    Again back to my studies with you.... Lesson 3 Rainforest. I will get there you'll hear one fine day!!