Monday, March 29, 2010

Something That Sounds Like Music

Well, I’ve decided not to post at Piano World for a while. Got beat up pretty bad there when I posted the article “Free to be Creative at the Piano.”

But what should I have expected? I had no idea so many would be so hostile to what I have to say - my philosophy on playing the piano. But what I really wanted to share with you on this post is the phrase ‘something that sounds like music.’

You see, I was reading over the lesson ‘Reflections in Water’ and I had written this: “The reason why so many people have problems with the piano is they give up out of sheer boredom! They sense that it will take months if not years to create something that sounds like music on it. So they give up.”

And I realized that for the most part, that statement is true. At least it is for me. Let me tell you something - I have little patience. It’s a character flaw I know. But I’ve never had much patience and the way it has served me is that I can quickly discover if something has value or not.

For example, there are hundreds of books on how to paint in watercolor.

I would like to get into this but after looking over literally hundreds of books on the topic, I've not found a single one that will take a rank beginner like me and show me the most important part (sketching) in many steps.

Anyway, the good thing that came out of the Piano World fiasco is that my new book has the title “Free to be Creative at the Piano.” Look for it soon!


  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Dear Mr. Weiss,

    Please don't be dissapointed, the World as we know it is a hostel place. People are afraid of freedom, but I am not afraid. I fought for my Country for 31 years, and I know many who have worked beside me, but made the supreme sacrafic.I miss them terribly,but this is not why we fought for our Freedom, don't ever let any of the small minded people,bother.They must deal with their own fear on a personel basis.You are a wonderful Teacher Mr. Weiss. Please don't stop, keep going.

    Your Friend in Pennsylvania

    Richard P.Blocher

  2. najmah2:58 PM

    I'm still kind of stiff with it, but I can make it all the way around the circle of 5ths or 4ths, whichever way you want to look at it.