Monday, May 17, 2010

Get Rid of Clumsy Fingers Forever!

My friend and fellow piano teacher, Lisa Steeple is working on something I feel might benefit you.

She’s developing a video series for anyone playing the piano who is experiencing the feeling of clumsiness.

Lisa promises that this will finally get your hands and fingers moving the way you ask them to! No more clumsy or awkward movements. Banish those long pauses in the middle of your songs, switch between chords easily, locate keys instantly, and keep your rhythm perfect.

She is doing a preliminary release to only a few people who are willing to help give feedback during the development stages. This is a beta release at a low introductory price.

Here is what she currently has completed:

59 videos are completed with at least 20 more in production. Plus she has awesome bonuses that you will absolutely be thrilled with. (In fact, the bonus items might be exactly what you are looking for.. so keep reading!)

This is a time sensitive release, so be sure to take a peek at this in case it's something you would like to participate in:

I hope you enjoy this special release.

-- Edward

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