Saturday, July 03, 2010

Recommended Listening - Winged Realm by John Herberman

Here we have a very nice piece of music by one of my favoirte pianist/composers - John Herberman. What I'd like for you to 'get' in this one is how he composes. First we have a nice little 4-bar introduction and then right into the main theme. I love how he keeps it simple ... yet the music itself is so beautiful and moving (at least to me.)

The main theme is played twice followed by a contrasting section. If I were to 'chart out' this piece (not a bad idea for those into composing) I'd write it out like this: Intro ABABCAB ... and so on. I didn't finish writing this out but if you want to know how another composer uses the tools of repetition and contrast, writing out the form is an excellent way for you to discover this!

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