Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recommended Site: Mainly Piano

The site 'Mainly Piano' is run by Kathy Parsons. Kathy has been interviewing New Age pianists for as long as I can remember.

All the names you can possibly think of that are involved in this genre - they're there. Including myself.

But the site is much more than just interviews. Kathy is a piano teacher and reviews New Age piano music CD's. And along with myself and a few others, helps keep this genre of music breathing - admittedly at a slow rate right now in the year 2011, but still alive.

Kathy also holds 'house concerts' in her home featuring many New Age pianists - some you may even be familiar with.

All in all, a fantastic site filled with many resources. Find Kathy's site at http://www.mainlypiano.com

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