Friday, November 04, 2011

Northern Lights? Nature and Music Meet at Quiescence Music

Northern Lights ... that brilliant display of color one normally associates with arctic regions have been seen, in all places in Alabama. But that's not the only place these shimmering waves of light have occured.

People have reported seeing this amazing display in New York, Kentucy, and New Mexico. And that inspires New Age pianist and teacher Edward Weiss.

Weiss has been teaching and playing piano in the 'new age' style for over 15 years so when news broke of this rare natural phenomenon, he got out his keyboard and began composing.

Weiss has this to say about the composing process...

"When something inspires me, I take out a note pad and jot down just 2-bars of melody. That initial melody grows into a full composition. Composing this way has the benefit of allowing me to quickly pen the inspiration. It's than fleshed out more at home."

Northern Lights aren't the only things Weiss is inspired by though as evidenced by a list of the lessons he offers at his website. Titles like 'Coral Reef' and "October Sky' abound as students learn how to improvise and create their own unique new age piano creations.

Weiss remarks:

"I've always loved nature and piano music so combiing the two just seemed the thing to do. And now that I can do it, I have fun sharing what I know with others who enjoy this peaceful pastime."

The video can be viewed on YouTube at


  1. I am from education field, but I like little bit art and picture. That picture really nice. We can’t understand nature.

  2. The piano sound in the video is soothing and the pictures make feel close to nature. Amazing work.