Saturday, January 28, 2012

Got Winter Blues? Bonus Lesson 'Summer Oriole' will Warm You Up!

Free improvisation - the term alone can intimidate students who have never tried it. But for pianist/composer and online teacher Edward Weiss, the term means freedom of expression and fun.

Weiss explains...

"The idea of sitting down at the piano and playing what you feel is such an alien idea for the majority of piano students. And I don't know or understand why. Especially since all it takes to do it are chords and some guidelines - both of which I provide in the lesson Summer Oriole."

Weiss has been teaching adults how to play New Age piano for over 10 years. The online course he runs now has over 140 lessons and 1100 members. Students pay a small monthly fee to access everything on the course. When asked why he teaches 'New Age' piano, Weiss elaborates:

"New Age piano is a very popular style of music. Millions around the world enjoy the beauty and relaxing effects it has to offer. But there was nothing as far as instruction goes - either online or off. I created a course where anyone who enjoys this style can go and learn how to play it without learning how to read music."

Weiss also adds:

“Most piano students assume they must learn how to read music before they attempt anything creative. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I encourage students to speak the language of music first through chords before learning how to read it.”

The free piano lesson 'Summer Oriole' can be found now at

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