Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to ‘Present’ Your Music to Others or Why You Should Never Apologize

A present. Something you give or offer to someone as a gift. Does that sound like you playing your music for others?

Because that’s essentially what giving your music to others is - a gift. And you’d be amazed how many students belittle and try to degrade this gift by apologizing for it in the following way:

Saying it’s my first piece. This is like saying you really aren’t ready to perform or present your music to others either via concert or video. NEVER apologize for putting yourself out there! Even if it is your first piece. Why? Well for one thing, they don’t know it’s your first piece. For another, the unspoken message is it isn’t good. Both are unnecessary. Be bold. Be confident.

For example, if you make a mistake and it’s in your performance, NEVER apologize for it. Most won’t recognize it (especially in the New Age style) and even if they do, what’s important is how you ‘handle’ the mistake. Move forward boldly and act as if it’s nothing. Your audience will too. Unless it’s a huge flub. If that’s the case, you can redo it if you’re recording a video or audio. If you’re in concert and it happens (and it’s happened to me) take my advice and move on boldly.

Now that I’ve discussed the most common mistake newbie’s make when presenting their music, I’d like to talk about the ‘kind’ of artist you are. Why is this important? Because if you decide to market yourself and your music to the world, the world needs an easy way to categorize you and your music.

So, are you a ‘new age’ pianist? Or does ‘contemporary pianist’ sound better to you? Are you a ‘nature artist?’ If so, and if this is how you want to classify yourself, do it! But do it boldly and stand behind yourself with pride.

Take my word for it … people appreciate it when YOU believe in yourself. Need help with this? Listen to my ‘Affirmations for New Age Piano Playing' Mp3. It will help.

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