Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Concept of 'Key Center' Taught by Family Guy's Stewie Griffin

I was going to produce a video illustrating 'Key Center,' but Stewie does it so much better! Still, a few important things to know here.

He's playing in the Key of G Major. To establish 'key center,' Stewie needs to play just 3 chords ... G Major or the Tonic or the l chord. Next he plays a C Major chord - also called the sub-dominant or lV chord. But he's not finished yet. He needs the dominant or V chord, which is really D 7.

But let's give Stewie a break. He's only one!

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  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    a cute way to illustrate the basic trvth;
    Guitar players get to innovate... day one.
    Piano players get to Practice....Indefinitly.

    1. Anonymous4:59 AM

      Spoken like a piano player. A piano player can just jump on their instrument and make chords on day one, my 5 year old does it. On guitar, it can take weeks just to play one chord, much less a series of chords. Give me a break anonymous piano player.

      Sean L. McMorris