Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Can Art and Music Enhance Each Other?

I'm a big Sumi-e fan. Sumi-e is a Japanese art form that means "ink painting." It's a very free-form intuitive kind of art form. The reason I mention this at all is that when I paint and get in tune with the art, my piano playing seems more alive. It seems that one art form influences the other. I thought about it and what really happens is that when Im in the moment and enjoying painting, the emotion carries over into other areas - especially music.

P.S. Find the Sumi-e book here.

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  1. Funny, I noticed this effect the other way around - when I draw some picture or process my photos with PhotoShop, the music I listen to at that moment influences the way I want the pictute to look, and respectively the way it looks at the end. But I wasn't very surprised to notice this, because all art is just a means of expressing some idea - so the same idea can be expressed through pictures, music, spultures, etc.