Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Beauty of Chords

In the piano lesson "Coral Reef," I'm playing just two chords - A minor and F Major. And two chords is enough to yield a few minutes of music! Realistically, I could have gone on and played further, the point is, in the New Age style of piano playing, it's not how sophisticated the use of chords is, it's the way they are played that is important. Just two chords and I was off enjoying the beauty of improvisation.

And because I used just 2 chords, it freed me up to focus on the creative act. I wasn't concerned about when to switch chords or what the next chord would be. I had the entire keyboard to play on. I could play the F Major chord anywhere on the keyboard I chose. Anyway, I chose to use broken chord movement and the result is what you hear in this lesson.

You see, the beauty of chords is that they help you play the music. Once you have a certain chord under your fingers, the rest is pretty much easy because you use the tones of the chord to guide you along. Now you can forget about the thinking mind and let your intuition work for you.

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  1. Nice to meet you,I'm L.L.I have practiced the piano for 2years.and I want to compose piano music.But,I didn't know the way of compose music.but when I read your blog,I understand about compose a little. Thank you.and I thought compose music use just 2 chords.