Sunday, October 09, 2005

Should Music be Used for Something?

I have this great Japanese flute and koto CD I listen to. It's called Satori and I put it on every once in a while, not to relax, but just to be reminded of what music for music's sake sounds like.

There is no planning here. No forethought. It is pure improvisation and frankly, there is nothing that compares with it as far as being in the moment improv is concerned. You can really "feel" the moment here. It's as if time is suspended and there is nothing but the player and the music.

The best thing about this is that you enter the state of mind the musician is in when he recorded the music. You feel, through the music, the feelings and, in this case, the peace the flute player has in his heart as he plays the instrument. It's really quite amazing!

You can see this CD and listen to some of this music at Amazon.

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