Saturday, November 05, 2005

Rain Ripples and New Age Piano

Here's a piece of music written for intermediate piano players. It's titled "Rain Ripples" and I came across it during my usual hunt for cool and different material.

The composer is Karen Ann Krieger and the sheet music is published by FJH Music. The music is comprised of fifths being played in the left-hand while the right plays quick little 5 finger note runs. The left also crosses over the right to play delicate little notes.

Here's a description from the site: This colorful, sophisticated piece will appeal to all ages. Rotating movements in the right hand provide a perpetual “ripple” effect throughout. The reason I mention this sheet music at all is that it feels good to know that others are very much interested in New Age piano music, even though they don't call it New Age. It doesn't bother me. Call it what you will. As long as people get an opportunity to experience it, it's fine by me.

Click here to listen to "Rain Ripples" (ram file)

P.S. I like this piece so much, I'm going to teach my students how to create something like it using a chord based approach in my next lesson!

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