Monday, December 31, 2007

Piano Playing Goals for the New Year

I'll be frank … I stopped setting goals for the New Year about 15 years ago. Why? I don't follow through.

Now some of you might. But I don't. It's good to know yourself in that regard. And in so knowing myself, I feel liberated. I don't need to set yearly goals.

Nope. I'm happy to just go to the piano and play. And if I had to have a goal for the New Year, it would be to be more present at the piano while playing.

To feel present with the music is a gift. A blessing really for it means we are complete within our art. No need to gain others approval or to get that nod from friends and family. We don't need this because we have something better. We have the feeling of pure joy that can only come when we let go and let chords and notes fall where they will.

We learn a little about how to improvise and compose and then jump in to this mystery allowing - always allowing for the unexpected. For it is the unexpected that will take us places the thinking rational mind never could.

We allow for intuition - that intangible reality which will never fail to lead us if we let it.

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