Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Age Music Grammy's? Absolutely!

Believe it or not, there is an actual category at the Grammy Awards for New Age Music. Think I'm kidding? Here are this year's nominee's and my comments under each one:

Best New Age Album (Vocal or Instrumental)

1) Faces Of The Sun Peter Kater[Silver Wave Records]

Peter Kater is a pianist. He often plays with R. Carlos Nakai (a flautist) and is considered a new age pianist. I've listened to some of his stuff and I like it. He has a sensitive touch on the piano and has an extensive discography. I haven't listened to this grammy nominated selection though.

2) Sacred Journey Of Ku -Kai, Volume 3 Kitaro[Domo Records, Inc]

Kitaro is Japan's answer to Yanni. I've heard some of his music a while back and didn't really like it too much. I'm pretty much a piano purist so that's probably why.

3) One Guitar Ottmar Liebert[Spiral Subwave Records]

Ottmar Liebert has been called a Noveau Flamenco guitarist and I think this is the perfect label for him and his music. I love his style and music and he really pioneered a very popular style of music.

4) Southwest Eric Tingstad[Cheshire Records]

Eric Tingstad is, I believe, a cello player or guitarist and plays with someone else in duets. Never really heard his stuff so I can't comment.

5) Crestone Paul Winter Consort[Living Music]

Paul Winter is a New Age Music pioneer and has been around for as long as the genre has. I like his early stuff as I like most of the early New Age stuff pioneered by the Narada and Windham Hill labels. Sadly, this music isn't in vogue now but as all good things come back again, we should see a resurgence in acoustic ambient music again hopefully.

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