Monday, February 09, 2009

And the Grammy for Best New Age Album Goes To....

Well, believe it or not, there actually is a Grammy award given for best New Age album. This year's winner is "Peace Time" by Jack Dejohnette.

I've never heard of the guy. And I assume most of you haven't either. That's because it appears Jack is a jazz drummer! Weird huh? I thought so too.

Anyway, I found that Wikipedia lists ALL the grammy winners in the New Age genre. Well worth a look. Here's a partial list ...

Grammy Awards of 2008

Paul Winter Consort for Crestone

Grammy Awards of 2007

Enya for Amarantine

Grammy Awards of 2006

Paul Winter Consort for Silver Solstice

Grammy Awards of 2005

Will Ackerman for Returning

Grammy Awards of 2004

Steven Rodby (producer) & Pat Metheny (engineer, producer & artist) for One Quiet Night

You can read the rest of this list at


  1. I am surprised Edward, that you have never heard of Jack Dejohnette...the famous drummer that has played with many of the jazz greats since the 60's

  2. Yeah. But I'm not a big jazz fan. Otherwise, I most certainly would have heard of him. What's interesting is that he won a Grammy for best "new age" album. What's up with that?