Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recommended Video: Christofori's Dream by David Lanz

The first time I heard David Lanz play was way back when they were still making cassette tapes.

I purchased Christifori's Dream and was delighted to hear some of the most heart-felt piano music ever. It's not just the music. That's good of course, but it's the way David play's the piano that gets me.

In piano playing, it really comes down to "touch." That artistic way of playing that gives each of us are own particular sound.

David's touch is very subtle and powerful. He allows the music to breathe and come through him - as evidenced by this video performance on YouTube. Enjoy!

By the way, this video was taken from an instructional DVD David put out a number of years back titled "Through The Hands of David Lanz."

It contains many of his most beautiful pieces deconstructed so to speak. He breaks them down and illustrates how they were created and how he plays them. More info about that here.

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