Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quiescence Music Goes Hi Def!

Very soon (this August actually) all QM videos will be in high definition. I'm currently using something called "flipvideo" to record the lessons on.

It's small, lightweight, and does a decent job of capturing the keyboard.

But it's outdated. And I have to keep up with technology. Sound should be better too! My birthday is August 18th and the wife wants to get me a new camcorder.

Not the one you see here. But the one I do get should increase the quality of the video tremendously.

I'm looking forward to it. Also looking forward to sharing some new music I'm working on. I've scheduled a tentative CD release date of Jan 2010 but it could be sooner. Doubtful it would be later though. Anyway, look forward to a sharper lesson experience.

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