Tuesday, July 28, 2009

George Winston - The Road

Here's an interesting video! "The Road" is a piece by George Winston that I wouldn't normally call "new age." Especially since George doesn't call it new age. None the less, what's going on here?

The piece starts off with some nice solid chords played with both hands. Then, out of nowhere, a bass/chord pattern in the left hand ... illustrating what I assume George thinks being "on the road" is about.

And I have to admit, it does sound like being on the road! So, can you use this pattern in your own playing? Yes! The bass/chord technique, while not used a lot in New Age piano playing can be used like you see this pianist using it here.


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    The video "The Road" can't possibly be Geo. Winston playing, as he always maintains a steady beat with everything he plays. That's what puts him miles above others, his signature you might say. The pianist in this video definitely needs to get a metronome and practice, practice, practice until he can keep the beat. The playing was anything but enjoyable for me. So why was it posted is my question?

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Could have been Winston doing something different? Listen to some of George Winston's originals, or rendition of Canon, or the doors Crystal ship,riders on the storm... someone finally posted these on you tube. The guy can play! like to see him live. Check out David Lanz Christophori's dream. Carol of the bells by Winston. Or one of my Fav's isisipentertainment on you tube (my lonely road) she is amazing. Last but not least Gyurri Villas on you tube playing Spain. It is Jazz but one of the most amazing modern day masters.