Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dark Horse By David Lanz

After a resounding beginning thump, the music begins. It begins with arpeggios in the right hand. Then the left takes the arpeggios and the right plays the main theme.

So what's being done here? A lot actually. The "hero" of this piece is the arpeggio rhythm. It's the first thing you notice. Then the theme comes in. He plays around with this for a while and new contrasting material comes in. But not too much before going back to the main theme.

This one's actually pretty "peppy" for new age. But since David Lanz did it, we're on good ground.

The reason I like this one is actually because of the beginning. I like what he's doing with the right hand. Can you do this as well for your own new age piano pieces? Absolutely!

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