Sunday, September 27, 2009

Edward Weiss Joins Roster of Steinway Piano Teachers!

It’s one thing to teach piano – it’s quite another being among those talented enough listed on the prestigious Steinway & Sons compilation of professional teachers.

Edward Weiss is proud to have achieved this benchmark in his career.

Steinway & Son’s has been known or over a century and a half for creating the finest pianos available. When a teacher is accepted on their site, you know they are a cut above the rest.

For over 15 years, Edward has been in the forefront of the style called New Age Music, hauntingly mystical melodies combining the free form strains of the 60’s “Age of Aquarius” movement with underlying tones of classical cadence.

Endorsed by one of the pioneers of New Age piano, David Lanz – Edward Weiss has devoted his energies to bringing this wonderful musical style into the mainstream.

Not only does he compose his own scores, he actually shows how even beginners can start to master this style themselves – even if they’ve never wrote a note of music in their lives.

What’s more – he does it all over the internet. As Edward explains:

“My students never have to leave the comfort of their home in order to play their own personal New Age creations. With my method, if you can use a piano keyboard, I can teach you how to improvise and compose. It’s really that straightforward – and fun!”

In fact, Edward’s methods are so unique and easy to master, rank beginners who’ve never even played a piano will soon be composing their very own New Age Music.

Edward reveals: “There really is no secret - playing piano comes from the heart and the spirit. I merely show my students how to unleash that inner creativity, easily and effortlessly, with my step by step approach.”

His detailed online video instructions provides everything needed – except of course the keyboard. It’s basically “Look, Listen and Learn.”

You can view Edwards profile on Steinway & Son’s at:

For more information please contact Edward at or visit his personal website at:

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