Monday, October 26, 2009

Progress on New CD - Slow but Steady!

I've been working on material for a new CD. My strategy? To faithfully "show up" at the piano and stay in the present when composing.

This strategy has worked very well for me as it takes pressure off to create a product.

No need to rush here. It must come at it's own pace and I must remain true to my own philosophy of letting the music tell me where it wants to go.

But I've been frustrated lately. I want it done already. Good thing I have a working strategy that gets me through these ego driven periods. The periods where the "I want" rears it's ugly head.

My initial goal date for the completed CD is Jan 2010. I'm not sure I wil make that date. No matter. The main concern is the music and my attitude when creating it.

Sure, I could rush to put out a product and satisfy my desire for completion. But I know better.


  1. Eugene Huang4:59 PM

    It is good to be faithful. And nice picture - very nice.

  2. Marce from Idaho5:39 PM

    I agree with the previous 'comment'----both that "it is good to be faithful", and, I also LOVE the picture. Music is most certainly a 'process in process' and NOT to be rushed. We must always have faith and trust the process----it comes, it comes. . . . .

  3. in music as with art...we are led (by our higher selves, perhaps)and sometimes the path is short and spectacular or long and lackadasical...showing up ready, is the only part we are responsible for. Usually the responsible one is there early! Remember all things come to those who wait!

  4. Good luck with the CD! I definitely understand the "I want it done already' mindset but it's good to be patient.

    All the best,

    Judson Hurd