Monday, November 02, 2009

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Who knew? A site devoted to amateurs who just like to make music. Seems like everyone into music should have heard about this site, but it's still a mystery to many.

Making Music is a magazine written for the adult who just wants to make music without all the hyperbole that sometimes accompanies this act.

And why not? If more of us got involved with music just because it's fun, who knows where that might lead us. I know for myself it's a great joy to be able to sit down at the piano and play.

And if you're one of my online piano students you know that my philosphy is to put enjoyment of the process before creation of the product.

Which is to say, those who focus on the process enjoy the act of music making a lot more AND ususally come up with a much better "product."

Actually, it may be more accurate to call it a "by-product" because while we innocently play what our hearts feel, the music that is created is genuine and full of what I like to call the "X" factor - that elusive quality that the "best" music has.

Anyway, take a look at and tell me what you think.

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