Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Recent Experience at the Piano World Forums

When I first posted the article "Free to be Creative at the Piano" over at the Piano World forums, I knew there would be those who disagreed with my philosophy on playing the piano.
What I didn't know was how nasty the thread was going to get. You can read the thread here.
You see, most people who post there are into classical piano and all that goes with it - the right way to play, the repertoire, the need to practice for hours at a time.
What I said in that article can be very threatening for those who have spent years learning how to play the music of the 'masters.'
I can be provocative when I want and perhaps I shouldn't have posted that article in this particular forum. But when you teach what I do, you sometimes have to get attention by being different. And as a QM student, you already know how 'different' my course is.
Anyway, the thread has died down now, but who knows. It might become active real quick once again.


  1. well i honestly think alot of people including classically trained musicians think that being tought classically is the only way to be taught. i on the other hand appreciate your view on teaching, especially focusing on the new age genre, i think that when you think differently and it turns out to be successful, alot of people get jealous, they think well ive been taking lessons for years. I am someone who has so much desire to get my ideas out of my head and be able to find a way to translate that and be able to capture it with your lessons and approach, slowly but surely without having to take years of lessons i am finally able to start writing and doing what ive wanted to do for many years, play the piano, not just piano though, new age piano, huge difference from classical. i think that with new age and the OPC you can play more with emotion than with technique and skill. i think classical stylings are too restrictive and contrain your imagination and emotions.

  2. Ed my boy,take no notice of these bigots,probably find that half of them don`t know how to play a note,and the other half are jealous,as matey above just.I do lessons with Jermaine Griggs,Ruth Searle,Duane Shinn,and anybody else who can teach me something including Yoke Wong.And I still enjoy playing what you taught me.there is no such thing as bad lessons,anything to do with piano playing is good.Keep it coming,ignore them.