Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creating a Skilled Performer

Recently I posted an article at the Piano World forums that generated a lot of ‘heat.’ What I posted was titled “Free to be Creative at the Piano.”

Well, it didn’t go over big. In fact, one poster argued that I wouldn’t be creating ‘skilled performers’ with my approach.

I agreed with him. Creating a skilled performer is not high on the pianist values chart for me.

You see, there are literally thousands of teachers out there who will happily turn you into a skilled performer. Then you can play for other people and get the accolades so many strive for.

I understand the appeal of this. But I also understand that so many are literally starving to ‘feel’ something without having to perform like an autobot.

I place much more value on helping someone get in touch with intuition and then allowing that to express and inform the music. A radical departure from the linear A to B approach, my approach requires only that you have the courage to sit in front of your piano keyboard and allow for the unexpected.

Simple materials will help you accomplish this.

Will I post at Piano World again? I’m thinking about it. I didn’t expect that much of a reaction from what I wrote but I feel what I have to say deserves to be heard.

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