Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quiescence Music Celebrates 10 Years Online!

I've been online 10 years now! 10 whole years. That's a lot of time for any Internet business. But I owe it all to you and your love of New Age piano playing. Thank you! Below is a new press release about it...

The year was 2000, the cusp of a new millennium. The Internet was big and about to get a whole lot bigger. And composer-teacher Edward Weiss had an insight:

I constantly saw business after business starting up online stores and selling products. But the same technology that could sell books and software could also be used to help people learn new skills. Playing the piano was one of them.

And so Quiescence Music was born an online academy of music where anyone with a computer, a musical keyboard and the desire could learn to play piano.

Edwards approach took the mystique and trepidation out of learning to play. People who never thought they had a musical bone in their body were not only able to master the chords, but actually compose their own musical scores, particularly New Age music.

As Edward describes:

I chose New Age music because this style just seems to naturally flow along with learning to play. Its a liberating, inner expression of music and one that students pick up almost without any conscious thought.

Success may have been initially slow, but year by year the sites popularity grew and so did Edwards reputation.

In fact, endorsed by one of the grand masters of New Age music David Lanz, and listed on the prestigious Steinway & Sons compilation of professional teachers, Edward has gained a bit of well deserved fame himself.

Says Weiss:

I never thought a giant like David Lanz, with multiple platinum albums to his credit, would even notice my work, much less enthusiastically endorse it. But he did, and soon after that Steinway gave me their thumbs up as well. Its been an interesting decade.

For anyone wanting to put their untapped talents (and their unused pianos) to use, starting couldn't be simpler. Edwards method is basically Look, Listen and Learn. He promises his online direction can teach anyone to play the piano or electronic keyboard and be composing their own New Age piano music right away.

His detailed video instructions provide everything needed except of course the keyboard. Visit http://www.quiescencemusic.com/ for more information.

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  1. It is great what Edward Weiss does for the piano and how to learn to improvise.
    Perhaps after ten years, it is also a good idea,
    to write a book with improvisationlessons? To be translated in several languages? With CD and DVD?
    So that many pianopupils from many pianoteachers all over the world also can learn this way to improvise and it is not only an Internetcourse any longer. I hope this book will come soon, I will recommand it to all my pianopupils! It will be great! With love from Germany , Pia de Jong