Thursday, April 22, 2010

Using a Visual Prompt at the Piano

Writers use something called ‘writing prompts’ for inspiration. What’s a ‘writing prompt’ you ask? It’s a directive … a set of limitations that allow the writer to focus in on a specific topic or theme.

For example, it might be something like … ‘write about a weird day at your workplace’ or ‘in 200 words, describe a hot day.’

Do you see how this can quickly free the writer within?

Having a writing prompt to work with is a great way to bypass the ‘what’ to write about and get on with the process of actually writing.

We musicians can do the same thing! For instance, in one of your lessons I ask you to focus on a workbook exercise and play for 5 minutes.

But one of my favorite ways to get inspired (and focused) is to look at a beautiful nature scene. Let’s face it - New Age piano and nature go together like coffee and creamer. In fact, I keep a book of nature pictures on my piano just so I can get instant inspiration.

You see, having something like this allows you to stop thinking and start feeling. And nothing is more important in art for what is communicated IS feeling! It certainly isn’t thought. Which is why art is so cool! And why so many people turn to it for healing, entertainment, and inspiration.

In your next lesson, I’m going to show you how to use a visual prompt to easily enter the creative flow!

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