Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Exciting New Videos: Boot Camp for Clumsy Piano Fingers!

You have been invited to participate in a ground floor release of an exciting new videoseries that will help your hands and fingers finally cooperate with you on the piano!

Just for clarification up front...this special invite is absolutely free.

I've introduced you to my friend and colleague in the past - her name is Lisa Steeple and she has shared with me an exciting new program that will Get rid of Clumsy Fingers Forever!

This series is for anyone playing the piano - and it doesn't matter if it's with me, or with someone else, or if you're just tinkering around on the keys for fun...

This is for anyone who wants to get rid of that clumsy, awkward feeling and finally get your hands and fingers moving the way you ask them to! No more clumsy or awkward movements! Banish those long pauses in the middle of your songs, switch between chords easily, locate keys instantly, and keep your rhythm perfect!

Lisa calls this "Boot Camp for Clumsy Piano Fingers" and she's agreed to invite not only her students, but mine as well to participate in free pre-camp membership! This is definitely an opportunity worth your while.

Check it out here: I'm sure you won't be disappointed...and if you are, what have you got to lose? This is completely free!

P.S. Say hello to Lisa for me.

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